ADAM meets EVE

A D A M  meets  E V E

Official Online & Offline Pavilion
of  The Wrong Biennale

Curated by Jorge Sellés_



Chehue S. Miró_ 

Design and Special Edition.

Mar García_ 

Creative Assistant and Social Media Manager.

The Amazing Glitch B*tch_ 

Content and Social Networks Marketing.

La Marquesa del Ensanche_

Artistic Patron and Executive Producer.


Conception of Promotional Photographic Content.

David Quiles Guilló_ 

The Wrong Biennale Founder, Art Director and Curator.


A selection of the audiovisual creations of this last decade by the most prominent international artists on the global scene will be exhibited along with the special participation of new artists and emerging creatives from the current digital art world.

ADAM meets EVE

( and vice-versa )

A virtual space that will bet on the creative figures of female digital and new media artists to give visibility and place them in their rightful site in the historical memory of art of the post-digital and digital eras. The approach will be accompanied by a compilation of admirable artworks by distinguished male creators in the disciplines of Audiovisual Art, Generative Art, Video Art, Computational Art, AI, VR, Glitch Aesthetic and Electronic and Sound Art.
The risky but hopeful proposal arises from the need to equate talent and contribution (from the perennial oblivion that entities and institutions have always shown towards the figure of the female digital artist) in the same democratic, global and committed event as The Wrong Biennale, whose main premise is opportunity in eveness. Without making use of the more abstracted, separatist and bored apology of feminism, as a mere and sterile propaganda tool reborn from late post-capitalism, the modest objective focuses on the real opening, without conditions and with a broad awareness of the current gender and the paradigm of identity, arisen from the opportunity in the new means of communication and expression.
Infralight (the barely perceptible, that which is lighter than the slight) as a term subtle in conception and vast in scope (and acquired from inspiration, creativity and sensitivity and represented through the current disposition and trend of digital and technological fashions and tendences), is re-established as a means of redemption and everyday learning for advancement and development, between the solid and gaseous states, of our society in its lack of values.

( ADAM meets EVE / Goddesses Space )

Albena Baeva, Aman Kaleem, Alessandra Arnò, Analógica, Anastasija Pavić, Angelina Voskopoulou, Anna Morskaya, Anna Schnabel, Arezou Ramezani, Bekka Björke, Berna Kılıçoğlu, Blanche The Vidiot, Carla GanNIS, Catch_U, Catherine Spet, Dagmar Schürrer, Eija Temisevä, Elena Romenkova, Elisa Torreira, Elsa Muller, Ellen Sheidilin, Erica Lapadat-Janzen, Evelin Stermitz, Floow AI, Francesca Fini, Ghazal Majidi, Gioula Papadopoulou, HYPERSUNDAY, Inbar Hagai, Irem Coban, Isabel Pérez del Pulgar, Isis Castelló, Janet Lees, Jutta Pryor, Kathrin Hunze, Las Canadienses, Laura Vilaplana, Lisi Prada, Liudmila Siewerski, Lizzie Stardust, Luzi Gross, Magaly Vega, Magda Maroa, Marigela Pueyrredon, Mariya Vasilyeva, Melissa Faivre, Mothers Beasts, Nicola Higgins, Nicole Kouts, Noemi Schipfer, Noor UI Sahar, Petja Ivanova, Sarah Lasley, Sandrine Deumier, Selmak, Tania Cruz, Teresa Davtyan, The Amazing Glitch B*tch, The Glitch B*tches Team, Umran Ozbalci Aria, Valeria Mata, Victoria Duryagina, Virginia Tan, Wieslawa Nowicka and Xus Francés.

( EVE meets ADAM / Vice-Versa Space )

Alessandro Amaducci, Armin Copp, AUDIOREACT·LAB, Aujik, BIF, Cachopou, Can Buyukberber, Chehue S. Miró, Colectivo Neiro, C-SYSTEM, David Delgado, David Quiles Guilló, Digital Monk, Dirk Koy, Doopiidoo, Fito Conesa, GLASZ DECUIR, Hernando Urrutia, Iant Grant, Iury Lech, Jorge Sellés, Jose Cruzio, Kent Tate, K_SIXSIX, KEVIN MCGLOUGHLIN, LAURENT MONNERON, Luis Carlos Rodríguez, Marc Veyrat, Mark Klink, Matteo Campulla, MAX COOPER, Mit Borrás, Mohammed Ali Famori, Pedro González, Pierre Ajavon, Santi Delgado, Siddharth Gautam, Solimán López, SUITERU, SystaimE, TAKAMI NAKAMOTO, THOMAS VANZ, Yoshi Sodeoka AND YVES DE MEY.


All rights of admission of works of art are subject to quality and content parameters and at any time we may refuse to accept their inclusion, even if the artist is cited, for participation and exhibition due to non-compliance with any of the established requirements without prior notice.
The agreement to transfer the rights of reproduction and promotion of the original works and/or their edition in compatible format is implied only for non-profit creative purposes and for the stipulated duration of the event. The recognition in favor of the creator of the artistic work and the right of authorship is reflected in the indication of the author himself in all the spaces and platforms of the Biennial, as well as in digital media and social networks under the protection of current events global digital laws.
Participation is subject to acceptance of the conditions set forth above and the appropriate modifications of the works to adapt to the concept of this platform.